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One man facing

the opposition of Corporate America, armed only with his

wits and a temp badge.

This is his story.

Experience this full audio theater production,  complete with sound, music and laughs aplenty

HNF Official Selection 19.jpg

A full cast
audio comedy Podcast

"Incredibly Hilarious"
                 -The Sonic Society
-Sam McDonald
-The Audiophile
"I listened to it on my road trip and laughed all the way up and down I-15"
    -Elizabeth Hanson
Founder and CEO of DRAMAFY
"A very entertaining podcast, nice script, sprinkled with clever one-liners."        
"In the traditions of radio and TV situation comedies from the Golden Age."
"These are funny, entertaining and something the whole family can listen to."

This Audio Situation Comedy has been featured on The Sonic Society's Friday Follies and is a Silver Selection in the Hear Now Audio Fiction and Fantasy Festival 2021.
You can listen to each and every episode for free, just click here: EPISODES

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