Experience this full audio theater production,  complete with sound, music and laughs aplenty

"This is overall a great series. . . I happily recommend it to all of you.
-Sam McDonald
-The Audiophile
"A very entertaining podcast, nice script, sprinkled with clever one-liners."   -amasters
"These are funny, entertaining and something the whole family can listen to."                           -Ticen
"In the traditions of radio and TV situation comedies from the Golden Age."
You have never seen a job history quite like this.  These hilarious podcasts follow the exploits of Bernie Pfelger; The TEMP.
Each new assignment brings challenges, trouble and laughter.
Armed with only a temp badge, a sense of humor and with a unique gift for mouth sounds and voices, Bernie tries desperately to stake his claim, as he wanders through the no-mans land of the business world.
Driven by the hope that he will one day land a permanent job, he presses on, going toe to toe with many a corporate leader, in order to prove to them, and more importantly himself, that he is much more than just a hapless temp.

A Double M production

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